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James Ward has been writing and performing thoughtful and powerful music for over three decades.This website is your passage to his music, videos, pictures, schedule and thoughts, as well as other information and inspiration from the hands and heart of one of America's great gospel music craftsmen.


James Ward has always been involved in his local church's music ministry and that ministry revolves around an active and vibrant choir. Much of James' catalog is available as sheet music, written out and arranged especially for choirs. To check out a home made video of one of the more powerful songs, Death Is Ended, just visit James' Facebook page. To see the catalog of great sheet music, visit our music shop.


Path of Palms Studios in Tampa has been given the great privilege of digitally re-mastering James Ward's entire catalog. James' longtime fan and close friend, Paul Richardson, recorded two of James' projects at Path of Palms and was delighted to have the opportunity to re-work some of the older projects. The first of the re-mastered series is Faith Takes A Vision and it sounds crystal clear. You can order the CD at our order page or download from i-tunes, Amazon and other mp3 databases. Next in line - Good Advice. Keep checking these pages as we release more throughout this summer.


BIG, WONDERFUL WORLD is an album about, and for, children. But this is not campy kids stuff, it's vintage James Ward tunes like All Forgiven, In the Stable and Big Wonderful World; brand new songs like Bubblegum, By Myself and Battle of Joshua.

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PLUS you can find all the lyrics right HERE!


James Ward's classic, Mourning to Dancing, and the powerful No Violence albums have now been digitally re-mastered. Joining the latest versions of Faith Takes A Vision & Good Advice, these four, carefully re-mastered, albums will bring a fresh sonic quality and clarity into your James Ward collection. They're available in our Music Shop or on iTunes, Amazon and other digital outlets.


James Ward performing the melody he composed for the Toplady hymn.