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James Ward was born in southern Illinois, the son of a Presbyterian minister. He has fulfilled his Christian calling as a composer, performer, and recording artist whose innovative music has been a widespread influence throughout the church and entertainment community since 1970.

He currently resides in Chattanooga with his wife Beth.

James and Beth have two children. Katie, who also lives in Chattanooga, was married in May 1999 to Joel Knutson. They have three children, Josiah, born in 2003, and Eden, born in 2005, and Tessa, born in 2008. Katie is an artist. To learn more about Katie, her art, and her children, check out her blog, neweyes2.wordpress.com.

James and Beth's other child, Kirk, is music director at New City Fellowship, St Louis. He was married to Sarah Meiners in 2004. They have two children, Joanna, born in 2005 and Samuel, born 2008. Kirk writes thoughtful articles on worship in his blog worshipinthecity.wordpress.com.

James has served in ministry to his home church, New City Fellowship in Chattanooga, Tennessee, since its beginning over 30 years ago. He currently works full time at New City Fellowship (PCA) as their music director. He holds a BA in music from Covenant College (1972) and a Masters in Music in jazz performance from the University of Tennessee (1996).

James has distinguished himself as a band leader and worship director for several Christian conventions including the National Youth Worker's Convention, Jubilee Convention in Pittsburgh, and the Creation Festival in Pennsylvania.

For five years, he was a choral director, band director, and general music teacher at Chattanooga Christian School. As an educator, Ward has served as guest lecturer with the Thomas F. Staley Foundation on college campuses including Covenant, Geneva, Eastern, Gordon, Calvin, and Malone Colleges. He has also been visiting lecturer in the apologetics department of Westminster Theological Seminary.

Ward has toured the US, Canada and Europe as a recording artist and singer-songwriter. He has recorded 12 albums, written several hit songs, as well as numerous contemporary praise songs.


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This is a video of James singing"I Belong To You" from the Atlanta Conference on Care.