James Ward

Songwriter, Singer, Musician, Teacher

James Ward

Songwriter, Singer, Musician, Teacher


Enjoy this selection of photographs taken throughout the career of James Ward. These pictures, in no particular order, feature his music, family, friends and colleagues throughout his ministry.




James Ward is a fixture in the Christian music scene since the early 1970s. (Read More)

Buddy Greene

Enclosed is a copy of my latest recording. I wanted you to have a copy because I included your version of “Rock of Ages.” I love the music you wrote.

Larry Norman

I am still knocked out by your music and it resonates inside of me.

Bill Gaither

Thanks for your kind spirit and great voice.

Tony Campolo

I think your message is meaningful and has the sort of content that Christian music should have.

R.C. Sproul

James Ward is a bonafide artist. He combines musical craft and stimulating communication with grace.

Kelly Willard

I sense the sincerity of your love for Jesus in your singing and songs.